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Tired Of Being Tired?

Tired before the day even starts?

We all know we need to get enough sleep so our body and brain work properly and we can try to break the poor sleep cycle with some tips to get us snoozing better -

  • Move your body - you may feel tired from using your brain all day but if you don't tire out your body too you'll still have energy to burn which equals delayed sleep. You could find even a 30 min walk is enough and it's good for that overloaded brain too! 
  • Pick a time in the afternoon to stop having any caffeine and tweak it to see what works best for you - Lunchtime? 2pm? Keep an eye on if it's easier on the days you stop earlier.  
  • No phone an hour before bed. Same as the caffeine, you might need longer so see what works for you. Find something chill you enjoy to do instead and keep it out of your bedroom!
  • Set up a routine that you enjoy, eg warm shower, PJs on, cup of tea, relax with a craft or a book, then bed. What could yours be?
  • Try our Sleep tea blend at bedtime. It's packed with natural ingredients to help you get snoozy - chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaf, lavender flowers, passionflower and skullcap leaf.

Hopefully these tips help and have you successfully snoozing!

J x

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